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Uncle Tom's Cabin [Christmas Summary Classics] download PDF, EPUB, Kindle
Uncle Tom's Cabin [Christmas Summary Classics] download PDF, EPUB, Kindle

Uncle Tom's Cabin [Christmas Summary Classics].cHarriet Beecher Stowe
Uncle Tom's Cabin [Christmas Summary Classics]
Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Page Count: 30 pages
Published Date: 17 Dec 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781494711184
File size: 20 Mb
File Name: Uncle.Tom's.Cabin.[Christmas.Summary.Classics].pdf
Download Link: Uncle Tom's Cabin [Christmas Summary Classics]

Christmas Summary Classics This series contains summary of Classic books such as Emma, Arne, Arabian Nights, Pride and prejudice, Tower of London, Wealth of Nations etc. Each book is specially crafted after reading complete book in less than 30 pages. One who wants to get joy of book reading especially in very less time can go for it. About The Book When the authoress of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe, visited the White House in 1863, President Lincoln took her hand, and, looking down from his great height, said, "Is this the little woman who brought on so great a war?" But, strangely enough, the attitude of the writer was thoroughly misunderstood. A terrible indictment against the principle of slavery the story certainly is. "Scenes, incidents, conversation, rushed upon her," says one of her biographers, "with a vividness that would not be denied. The book insisted upon getting itself into print." Yet there is no trace of bitterness against those who inherited slaves throughout the story. The most attractive personages are Southerners, the most repulsive Northerners. No more delightful a picture of conditions under slavery has ever been drawn as that with which the book opens--on the Shelby estate in Kentucky. Mrs. Stowe was born at Litchfield, Connecticut, on June 14, 1812. Her father was the Rev. Lyman Beecher, her brother Henry Ward Beecher. She died on July 1, 1896. "Uncle Tom," published in book form in 1852, is one of the most successful novels of modern times. In less than a week of its appearance, 10,000 copies were sold, and before the end of the year 300,000 copies had been supplied to the public. It was almost at once translated into all European languages. Mrs. Stowe wrote about forty other stories, but posterity will know her as the authoress of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" only. For more eBooks visit

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